Aerospace Solutions

ANATech intends to launch a basic R&D program to develop a method and equipment for NDT of composites using the specific knowledge base and skills of it's team in advanced NMR techniques and signal processing.

Non Destructive Testing of Composite Materials

The rate of composite materials usage in aerospace and other critical applications has increased tremendously over the past few years.

High performance composite materials are finding increasing use in aerospace, automotive and biomedical applications. Such materials are lightweight, strong, stiff and readily formed into complex shapes. The problem of reliable non-destructive testing/evaluation (NDT/E) and quality control for aerospace/automotive parts, manufactured from composite materials is most important especially for the aerospace industries. Traditional methods of testing and evaluation, such as X-ray radiography and ultrasonic, encounter difficulties when the part is thick and\or has an intricate geometry. Due to the materials comprising composite materials NMR techniques offers a potential for more reliable NDT of these parts, partly by better coping with structural properties such as the thickness and/or shape of the object. The technique is mainly for the detection of defects such as voids, delamination and inter-laminar cracks in the manufactured part, either as-made or after a repair.

Currently, NMR based techniques are rarely used in non-destructive evaluation and testing. The reasons for this can be found in the high capital costs of the NMR equipment, widespread lack of understanding of the technique and its capabilities, and perhaps most importantly the conservative nature of the industry where existing programs are firmly established using proven traditional methods.

The combined and synergetic progress in NMR methods, electronics, computers and software algorithms – offer a promise of a significant breakthrough in both spatial resolution and sensitivity as well as in design and manufacturing of cost effective instrumentation for large scale NDT applications.