ANATech has a rare combination of talents covering research, business, productization and operations. We focus on researching Magnetic Resonance technologies and its derivatives, combined with unique signal processing algorithms for extraction, identification and classification.

Our mission is to apply our unique knowledge, experience and expertise with the purpose of solving real-world problems, thereby creating life-improving innovations.

Mr. David Keini – CEO

20 years in the aerospace industry – jet engine critical parts manufacturing. From design engineer through QA, marketing, USA marketing subsidiary setting and operating and finally – CEO. The company – Carmel Forge a wholly owned subsidiary of United Technologies Inc.

Following the above – consulting for 8 years to ThyssenKrupp jet engine parts manufacturing plant (Germany) as well as Advanced Turbine Components Inc. (USA) and other aerospace related companies.

16 years experience in High-Tech start-ups organizational and marketing consultancy. Extensive experience in international marketing and industrial co-operations & deals with companies such as Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, DuPont, Sun Chemicals, Unysis, General Electric Inc. Volvo Flygmotor AB, Rolls Royce Aero engines.

Dr. Alexander Shames - CTO

Dr. Shames holds a PhD in solid state physics; has 30 years experience in R&D and project management at academic institutes, universities and industry in the following fields: magnetic resonance (ESR/EPR/EMR/NMR/NQR) spectroscopy and applications, materials physics (including nanomagnetics and nanographites), spin/molecular labeling etc.; author of more than 150 research articles in peer reviewed journals, and holds several international patents.
Present positions: senior research scientist, in charge of the Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance, Department of Physics, BGU of the Negev; chief scientist MicroTag TEMED Ltd.



Dr. Yuri Rozenfeld - VP Science

Dr. Rozenfeld holds a PhD in theoretical physics and mathematics; has 40 years experience in R&D and project management at universities, research institutes and industry in the following fields: lasers, optical spectroscopy (industrial applications), IR sensors technologies, radars, NMR spectroscopy and its applications.


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